Thor is role played by Sir Rock
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Thor(VCDM041) was born in the Commandos on March 5, 2001. His mother was Libitina and his father was Subaru. He was born in a litter of four with his three litter-mates, his two brothers Odin(VCDM040) and Loki(VCDM042) and one sister Skadi(VCDF043). The pups survived their first few weeks and emerged for the first time. On the day theythe pups first emerged, Thor wondered off from the babysitting burrow, when young Freya was babsyitting and got lost.Luckily Thor's uncle Ares was returning from roving and picked up Thor on his way back. He was safely turned back to his siblings at the burrow. Thor and his litter-mates survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. His aunt Artemis gave birth to a new litter a few months after, making Thor's litter no longer the youngest of the Commandos. However they were still Libitina's youngest litter. Artemis' pups survived a burrow raid by the Zappa thanks to dominant male Hades, however Hades disappeared after the encounter. In October 2001, a group of Lazuli males, including Thor's father Subaru, joined the Commandos. Subaru established dominance beside Libitina. Sadly that same month Skadi had disappeared after an encounter with the Lazuli. Thor is still in the Commandos today at nine months old.


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