Tiny is role played by Sir Rock.

Tiny Zappa


Date of Birth
March 17, 2000
Maria, Goldie, Pipsqueak and Blossom
Known For
Pumpkin's eldest son


Tiny Zappa

Tiny as a pup

was born on March 17, 2000 in the Zappa Mob. His mother was Pumpkin and his father was Tryan. His litter-mates were two sisters Kitty(VZZF018) and Millie(VZZF019). His mother was not the dominant female but Tiny's aunt Lollipop. His father was a roving male from the Whiskers Mob. Lollipop also was pregnant but she allowed Pumkpin to keep her pups. She gave birth two weeks later to four pups. When Tiny was a few weeks old, Lollipop made a burrow move. During the burrow mobe Tiny was not carried like the other pups and was force to walk on his own. Tiny was the smallest of his litter and the weakest so he started to lag behind till the Zappa lost sight of him. Thankfully Tiny's small fainth cries were heard by his uncle Punker, a mature male of the group. Punker came back for Tiny and carried him back to the group. All the pups survived the burrow move. When the Zappa went foraging, Tiny tagged along even though he was not old enough to be away from the burrow. Tiny and his sister ssurvived to adulthood. Tiny started to help out with the mob and soon started to go roving. Sadly his sister Kitty disappared after being evicted leaving just Tiny and Millie. Tiny remained in the Zappa for a year and a half. In October Tiny went roving with the other males, however while the males were away, a group of Commando males joined the Zappa. They did not allow the Zappa males back in the Zappa. The males soon teamed up with four evicted Zappa female sincluding Tiny's mother Pumpkin and sister Millie.


The group stayed together and formed the Starsky Mob. Tiny's sister Millie gave birth to two pups. The former dominant male of the Zappa Ghost established dominance. Pumpkin's mother was the oldest of the females and the most likely to take dominance. Despite being younger, Olivia became the dominant female over Pumpkin. Tiny stayed out of the dominance competition. His mother gave to to one more litter, a male pup named Luke, before she disappeared. Tiny helped out with babysitting and caring for the new pups. Ghost soon disappeared and the dominant male position became available. All the females in the mob were related to Tiny in some way so he nor did most of the males show any interest in taking dominance, til finally Twix became the dominant male. Tiny remained in the Starsky for some time longer. In November 2002 he and all the adult males took to roving and again in December. The Zappa males visited the Aztecs but were chased away from the group. Tiny is still alive in the Starsky today.


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