Twinkie is role played by Aniju Aura.
Twinkie Zappa



Twinkie(VZZF028) was born in the Zappa on March 18, 2001. Her mother was Lollipop and her father was Comet a rover from the Whiskers. Her litter-mates were her sister named Hayes(VZZF039) and a brother named Sirrus(VZZM040). Since Twinkie's mother was the dominant female of the Zappa, the pups were well looked after. The Zappa were one of the largest mobs around so the pups had a good chance at survival. Twinkie started foraging at four weeks of age and enjoyed the easy life of a pup. In June  Twinkie's puphood came to an end when her mothe rgave birth to another litter, by then Twinie was three months old and expected to fend for herself. Twinkie was old enough to take care of herself but she wans't old enough to help her mother with the new pups. In October a group of Commando males joined the group, the oldest Ares became the new dominant male beside Lollipop. The Commando males kicked out a group of Zappa males including the former dominant male Ghost. Twinkie is still alive today in the Zappa.


Zappa Mob

Comet Whiskers

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