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  • Silverstar10

    Hello. Okay, I know this blog has nothing to do with this wiki, BUT it deals with Meerkat Manor. I am bored and I wanna know your favorite and least favorite meerkats on Meerkat Manor. Please share!

    Rocket Dog- She was awesome. She was. Agreat dominant female and my favorite meerkat EVER. I LOVE HER. Sadly, she's dead. RIP.

    Zaphod- He was a great dominant male and was pretty funny too. Man, I wonder how old he is.

    Shakespeare- He is awesome. He would've made a great dominant male for the bad he died.

    Mozart- I love her. She would've have been a great leader if Not only Stinkapoo overthrew her.....

    Wilson- I don't know wh6, but I ADORE him.

    Zorro- He was a awesome, though he wasn't seen much.

    Flower-At first, I hated her. But then …

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  • Silverstar10

    I am back.

    December 11, 2012 by Silverstar10

    Hello persons of MRPW. Three weeks ago I left here. Well, I shouldn't have. Now I am back. And, I have created a new Ringtail Lemur Roleplay Wiki. And I need help with it cause I don't know that much about lemurs. Well, that's all. ~Silver

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  • Silverstar10


    November 26, 2012 by Silverstar10

    Oh my. I hate to say this. I really do.

    I am leaving Meerkat Roleplay Wiki.

    Yep. I will still be on Warriors Fanon. I'm so sorry. I'm leavin because of troubles in life and a major problem happened in another one of my wikis.

    I am going to miss this place. This wiki has been one of my favourites for a long time. Really, I love this place, I really do.

    Well, this is my last edit here. I'm so sorry.

    Miss y'all----Silver

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