Whitney is role played by Aniju Aura.
Whitney Aztecs

Whitney foraging


Whitney(VAZF022) was born on Janaury 22, 2002 in the Aztecs. Her mother was a subordinate female name Isis and her father was Lucas, a Whisker male who just join the group. Whitney was born with just one litter-mate brother named Tabiji(VAZM021). The dominant female Gaia had just lost her own litter after an encounter with the Lazuli, so she allowed Whitney and her brother to remain in the group. Being the only pups in the Aztecs at the time, Whitney and her brother were the main focus of the entirer mob and were spoiled. Soon their mother Isis was evicted from the Aztecs and disappeared in March when Whitney was just three months old. Gaia had another litter that same month, Whintey and her brother Tabiji's easy puphood life to and end. Being only a three months old, Whintey didn't help out with the pups much and started to fend her herself. Whitney is still alive today in the Aztecs.


Aztecs Mob

Isis Commandos

Lucas Whiskers

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