William is role played by Meerkats123.
William Commandos



William(VCDM027) was born in the Commandos on March 2, 2000. His mother was Gaia, a subordnate female and his father was Tryan, a Whiskers rover. His litter mates were VCDF028, VCDM029 and VCDF030. All four pups survived their frist few weeks and started foraging with the adults. His aunt Libitina gave birth to a litter of pups soon after William was born. Those pups also survived and started foraging. William tried to pick on Libitina's son Helios but the younger male won't let him push him around. Soon William settled down and stopped picking on the younger meerkats. At the age of 9 months, William's family split. William was among the splinter group along with his mother.


The splinter group never rejoined the Commandos and was called the Aztecs. His mother Gaia and uncle Zeus took dominance. It wasn't long before William reached adulthood and started helping out around the mob. Unlike most adult males, he only went roving a few times. William stayed in the Aztecs for a while. In late 2001, he went roving with uncles: Zeus and Neptune William some how got separated from the older males. He met up with an evicted Whiskers female named Catnip, but she rejected him and rejoined her mob. William stayed close by and continued to follow the Whiskers until he managed to mate with another female named Popcorn. William dissapeared after this.


Commandos Mob

Aztecs Mob