Zeus is role played by Meerkats123.

Zeus Commandos


Date of Birth
May 18, 1998
Zilla and Frodo
Hera, Hades and VCDF008
Known For
The Commandos' roving male


Zeus(VCDM005) was born on May 18, 1998 in the Commandos. His mother was Zilla and his father was Frodo. His litter-mates were his tow sisters Hera(VCDF006) and VCDF008 and Hades(VCDM007). They were the second litter born in the Commandos ever. Zeus and his three litter-mates survived to adulthood. Sadly Frodo died from TB followed by Zilla. Zeus' older sister Libitina became the dominant female along with Kronos. After his older brother Kronos left the group and joined the Whiskers, Zeus was then the oldest male but instead of taking over as the new dominant male, he decided to go roving. He appeared at the Zappa where he mated with Lollipop, the dominant female. He wasn't the only rover there, five Vivian were also looking for females. The the Zappa came across the much bigger Young Ones and were chased away. Zues hung around the Zappa but wasn't able to join that day. He attacked a subordinate male named Punker which sparked the whole Zappa to attack him and he was diven away from the Zappa. He later returned to the Commandos where he attacked the dominant female Libitina. She attacked him and the Commandos drove him away. He was allowed to rejoin the Commandos a few hours later but had made himself unpopular within his own family. Zeus soon began to rove again. He came across a Zappa splinter group, where he was attacked by Ghost and Gothic . He then teamed up with Ares. They roved at the Lazuli, where both males had close encounters with females but neither mated with them. One of the females was his older sister Royal who had joined the Lazuli. Unlike Ares, Zeus roved at the Whiskers twice, He mated with Bee. Sadly, her pups were all killed when the Commandos raided the Whiskers' burrow.Zeus didn't spent as much time roving after that. The Commandos grew quickly. Libitina, Gaia and Rhea all started having litters. In adition, the group adopted an abandoned Zappa pup. Soon, the group split. Zeus was among the splinter group.


The small group also included his older sister, Gaia, his litter mate Hera, his cousin, Rhea, her pups and two of Zeus' nephews, William and Pluto. Gaia and Zeus took dominance


Mother: Zilla

Father: Frodo

Brother: Hades

Sister: Hera and VCDF008


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